Meet Our Pastor

Augustine Pokoo

Founding Lead Pastor

I am pleased to introduce Augustine Pokoo, an extraordinary individual who founded and currently serves as senior pastor of Life Touch Community Church. This non-denominational church prioritizes the teachings of the Bible and the empowering influence of the Holy Spirit. Their primary objective is to spread God's love and the gospel worldwide, a commendable mission. Witnessing individuals like Augustine Pokoo dedicating their lives to meaningful and impactful work is genuinely inspiring.

Augustine serves as the lead pastor, providing teaching, leadership, and guidance to the church community. His ultimate goal is to inspire and empower the congregation to live a gospel-centered life, emphasizing the importance of sharing their faith and presenting the gospel in a simple, straightforward, biblically accurate, and encouraging manner.

For more than ten years, he has been traveling across the country and internationally, teaching and empowering believers with practical tools and steps to cling to the truth of God's Word. He also guides them on using this truth to spread the message to the world. He regularly speaks at evangelistic events, training sessions, and churches worldwide.

For a considerable amount of time, Augustine has been dedicated to collaborating with God to spread Christ's message. His exceptional viewpoint provides significant and worthwhile observations on effectively communicating the gospel. He is widely recognized as the esteemed author of the book "Mastering The Art of Soul Winning.” He holds the honorable position of International Director of Envision Seminar, a global initiative dedicated to outreach and evangelism.

Augustine has been married to his incredible wife, Gloria, for 20 years and is a fantastic father to his children.