LTCC Missions

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Reaching our World for Jesus!

We want to equip, empower, and mobilize you to make a kingdom impact outside the church walls. At Life Touch, outreach is about building God’s kingdom through Christ-centered, church-led community transformation where we live and around the world.
This is why the first fruits—the first 10% of Life Touch’s tithe—go back to the kingdom by supporting local, national, and international outreach initiatives. The generosity of Life Touch members has allowed us to send funds, resources, and people to locations near and far to make a difference for the kingdom. We have also been able to develop strategic partnerships with churches, missionaries, and ministries all over the globe.

Volunteer Locally
Share the love of Christ with people in our community! There are many opportunities to volunteer locally.

Outreach Groups
Connect with others who have the heart to serve by joining our outreach ministry.