We Believe In Prayer!

Is who we are and what we do!
At LifeTouch, we hold prayer in the highest regard, recognizing it as the very foundation of our success. We firmly believe that our lives can be transformed and that we can better serve the Kingdom of God through prayer. To that end, we actively encourage every member of our community to develop a personal relationship with God through prayer.

As a community, we strengthen our connection with God by praying before and after our weekend services. This collective prayer serves as a powerful reminder of our faith's importance and helps us remain grounded in our shared values.

We believe that through prayer, we can more fully understand and embrace God's divine plan for our lives. With His presence in our lives, we are empowered to impact the world and fulfill our unique purpose positively. LifeTouch is committed to fostering a culture of prayer and helping our community grow in their faith and relationship with God.

Prayer Resources

Need Prayer?

Life can become overwhelming, leaving us with many questions and a feeling of hopelessness. However, prayer has the power to change our perspective and direct us toward the one who is always willing to listen. We are here to offer our support and pray with you through any situation. To connect with us, send a text with the word "PRAYER" to (833) 225-4248.