Fasting Guidelines

A: Everyone should fast from all processed food, Oil and sugar.  
B: Those who are not on any medications should be able to fast from 6am till 6pm. But you should drink a lot of water/fluids and if you need to, at midday,  you can Eat some none acidic fruits, like apple, cucumber, water melon, Papaya and cantaloupe,. I should have added banana,  but banana is a whole meal.😄 but If you need strength to pray, banana can help.
C: For those on medications/Nursing mothers (breast feeding) ,  you can fast from oil and sugar. That means you can make your meals without sugar and  oil. Eat vegetables, and none acidic fruits and 
drink milk (if you're not intolerant) or any seed milk of your choice. Avoid all sweets and deserts (for health reasons). 
D: Everyone should fast from Television (shows) , Social Media, and all none business/ work related Chats.  Whatever doesn't add to your spiritual sensitivity at this time, should be put aside.
E: When you break your fast at 6pm, PLEASE DO NOT EAT HEAVY FOOD. It could hurt your system. Eat a little bit over a period of 30 minutes to an hour. And remember,  even when breaking the fast in the evening, NO OIL AND SUGAR (SWEETS). 
F: Make time within the day for personal prayers. You can take the prayer points from the morning or the day before, OR EVEN ADD YOUR OWN PRAYER POINTS.  If you run out of words, PRAY IN THE HOLY GHOST.
H: It's a corporate fast, therfore you need to let people know you're fasting so they can help you. Your family members (who don't attend LTCC), work mates, school mates and people around you, should know you're fasting. If they know, they can help you. Also, let's hold one another accountable (like sister India said), help your brother and sister stay strong through the 21 days.
G: If you know someone who is going through some challenges and need a miracle,  this is a good time to invite them to join us in prayers. You won't believe the miracles that will happen these 21 days.
I: If you have been struggling with some bad habits and you desire to overcome,  these 21 days of fasting and prayers is an opportunity to drop that "weight and sin" (Hebrews 12:1). If, for instance, you've been struggling with drug use, inordinate desire, smoking,  or alcoholism, this fasting can help you become a better person. 21 days of fasting, praying with other comrades 2x a day (7am and 7pm) reading the! No devil, bad habit,  demon or difficult situation can withstand you.

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Of all the Christian disciplines, fasting is the most powerful spiritual discipline.

  1. We fast because there is a longing in our soul for Jesus.
  2. Fasting brings you into solidarity with people experiencing poverty. 
  3. We fast to learn the lessons of the Day of Atonement.

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